B2B offers

The offer module allows you to efficiently manage the process of preparing trade offers for business partners.

This solution consists in a constant monitoring of the offer preparation process to be sure that the offer has not been left without response or a comment. Both offers accepted by trade partners (customers), as well as those rejected or suspended receive relevant comments and get the right status in the system.


Benefits from the implementation of the B2B bidding module:

  • full control exerted by the managing person (department manager, company owner) over the course of the preparation of offers and negotiations

  • keeping statistics on the effectiveness of the company's traders

  • unchanged standard for the offer preparation, both in terms of the substantive content of the document and its appearance

  • a set of documents and information related to the preparation of offers stored in one place in the system

  • permanent and unlimited access to the module (on-line access)

  • faster, more effective and cheaper running of the company's sales department

Users of the offer module:

ofertowanie elektroniczne WMC użytkownicy modułu

Offer preparation

Information on prices in the offer document:

  • possibility of displaying only the final prices for the product

  • possibility of displaying prices before and after the discount

  • showing the discount level

During the preparation of the offer document, it is possible to apply the most frequently used phrases formulas:

  • welcome and farewell greetings

  • warranty information

  • information about delivery

  • e.t.c.

Each user creates their own designs or uses global patterns.


The following documents can be attached to the offer:

  • quality certificates

  • folders, leaflets

  • specifications

  • e.t.c.

Offers can be sent to one or several e-mail addresses:

  • in the form of an email (HTML)

  • in the form of an email (HTML) along with the generated PDF offer

  • downloading the offer in the PDF format

An automatic numbering of the offer according to the accepted scheme.


Offer statuses

  • Offer sent - status NEGOTIATIONS

  • Offer accepted by the business partner - status ACCEPTANCE

  • offer SUSPENDED with an optional comment containing the reason for the suspension

  • Offer REJECTED with an optional comment containing the reason for the rejection

Notification system

A sales representative receives an automatic e-mail information about the need to re-contact in the case of a suspended offer or in other cases specified in the system.



The filters in the offer module allow you to check how many offers have been sent, accepted or rejected both on a global basis and for a selected sales representative.