Product catalogues

The website is not only a beautiful business card in the internet, but above all a useful tool for communication with the outside world.

One of the most important elements of this communication is the presentation of the product offer.

In the WMC CMS system, we designed the Product Catalogue - a tool for transparent presentation of the company's offer.

katalog produktów lista produktów WMC CMS

Structure of the product catalogue

The way products are grouped in a catalogue depends on how the company's offer is organized. Sometimes this organization takes the form of a tree structure of a category with many branches, at other times the products are presented in the form of one set of elements.


You can create any type of connection between:

  • similar products

  • complementary products

  • accessories

You can add features, statuses to the products, and edit filters that will help the user get to the element that interests them.

prezentacja produktu w katalogu produktów WMC CMS

File module

To fully present the offer, it is necessary to enrich it with files such as documentation, programs, graphic files and others. In the WMC CMS system, the File Module connected with the Product Catalogue is used to handle the documentation.

The File module allows you to assign files to selected products, and globally - to entire product categories.

The sets of files created in this way can also be made available on the website in a separate "To download" tab and presented with division into categories, along with information about the file version, size, date of creation, etc.

Implementations and references

The presentation of products in an attractive way can be combined with the presentation of implementations and references. The system enables a two-sided connection of these elements, eg if the selected product displays related projects, while browsing these projects, we will also quickly get access to the assigned products.

realizacje katalogi produktów WMC CMS

Product search engine

A well-designed Product Catalogue enables the creation of advanced search methods. In the search engine, you can use filters, search products by categories, assigned attributes and statuses, and other parameters.


Limited access to the Product Catalogue - zone for logged in users

Selected product data may be available only to logged in users. Limited access can be introduced at many different levels:

  • selected product categories

  • selected products

  • files

SEO in the presentation of the product offer

You can add SEO tags to each product:

  • meta title
  • meta description
  • key words
  • GA code

These tags can also be added to product categories.


Integration, import and export of data

Product data can easily be downloaded as a CSV file. It is also possible to import data into the Product Catalogue from an external file, as well as to integrate them, eg with an e-commerce system.


Advantages of the Product Catalogue

  • uniform presentation of the product offer

  • advanced product search

  • providing users with downloadable materials

  • better positioning of products

  • linking products with other elements of the website

  • integration with external systems, data import and export