This solution has many advantages:
  • our specialists have fast and easy access to the server where the website or other application is located
  • the supplier we cooperate with is a reputable company providing services at the highest level
  • in case of problems, our clients will not get stuck in the helpline. We operate efficiently and effectively, and the forms of reporting failures are uncomplicated and serve the purpose of finding a fast resolution to a problem.
Service packages - it simply pays off


Setting up a website and filling it with content does not mean the end of work on its development. That is why we offer service packages in various variants:

  • hosting service + service hours to be used within 1 year

  • service packages: a specified number of hours to be used for any programming, graphic or other work related to the website update and development. Service packages function independently of the hosting service.


Service packages guarantee the customers meeting the deadlines, in accordance with the regulations of this service. In practice, this means that the work carried out as part of service packages takes precedence over other orders carried out on the basis of separate orders. Ask for details.