Conversation with the customer
Constitutes the basis of every successful business contact. We attach special importance to this stage. We want to get to know the customer, learn their expectations, preferences and real needs. Sometimes, only during such a conversation does the client realize what their company really needs.
Designation of the project manager
During the project, the client contacts the designated person from our team.
Preparation of a functional concept
Based on this document, we prepare graphic designs and then perform programming works. The specification results from arrangements with the customer and is always presented for approval.
Graphic design
We start with the home page design. This is the most important template that determines the style in which the entire website will be designed. Once the design has been accepted, we prepare templates for key subpages. The number of the subpages will ultimately depend on the complexity of the project.
This stage involves the customer to the least extent. The programmers start their work. They work based on an accepted functional concept.
Before we hand over the finished work to the client, all mechanisms must be thoroughly tested. During the tests, we use external tools that help us optimize the site.
Content implementation
The implementation is performed when it has been specified in the contract concluded with the client - we attach great importance to the aesthetic appearance of the implementation process. We take care of the materials provided to us and try to present them in the best way possible.
Handing over the work to the client, training
This is the last stage of the implementation. We invite the clients to use video conferences during which we present the functionalities of the system.

Attention! It's not the end of our cooperation! Get to konw more about post-complementation support here.