PIM is first and foremost the platform where all the product data is located and where the management of the company’s offerings takes place.
However, PIM LUMANTI offers considerably more possibilities in the form of additional modules. One of these is CMS.

The management of a company’s product range and standard content such as articles about the company, news and carried-out projects in one place, i.e. in PIM, is our answer to the growing demands of users and Google for optimal data display.

ilustracja do artykułu o CMS w PIM

Advantages of the solution:

  • PIM as a single source of information (SSOT), just one system to manage… everything!
  • Headless CMS, i.e. separated data management layers from the CMS display. This provides a range of possibilities such as entering and publishing content in selected channels. Content is entered once and then, via the API, distributed to each channel, for which individual templates can be prepared.
  • Such a CMS provides the opportunity to create single-page applications (SPAs), which are distinguished by the fact that the data needed at a given moment are downloaded dynamically without causing the entire page to be reloaded. This improves speed, reduces the load on devices and improves the UX.
  • Our CMS also makes use of server-side rendering (SSR), which reduces the time it takes to preload a page (First Contentful Paint) and also has a positive effect on SEO ranking.

What does the CMS embedded in the PIM look like?

It is simple and intuitive to use and flexible enough to meet the most common user requirements. It helps to create visually appealing content. You can also use the module for news, completed projects and other popular solutions in the CMS, which we can customise as necessary.